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The 29th Golden Eagle International Tourism Train, passing through the Silk Road (North-South Corridor), arrived at Isfahan Railway Station on Sunday.

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The 29th Golden Eagle International Tourism Train, passing through the Silk Road (North-South Corridor), arrived at Isfahan Railway Station on Sunday.

Golden Eagle is a luxury Russian tourist train that travels to many countries, including three journeys to Iran, including ‘Persian Oddyssey’, ‘Heart of Persia’, and ‘Perisa & Silk road’.

Isfahan Railway Director-General said in an interview with IRNA on the sidelines of the welcoming ceremony of Golden Eagle Train at the Railway Station that the passengers of the train, including 20 foreign tourists, arrived in the beautiful city of Isfahan on the fifth day of their journey.
'The train carries tourists from the US, UK, Canada, France, Hungary, Poland, New Zealand, China and Russia, who arrived in Mashhad, Iran, on October 9, and began their tourism journey from Mashhad and then they visited Yazd.

Isfahan Railway Director-General, pointing out that the passengers of this train will visit tourist attractions and historical and cultural places of Mashhad, Yazd, Kerman, Isfahan, Shiraz and Tehran during their seven-day journey.
He noted that now these foreign tourists are visiting Isfahan historical monuments including Jolfa, Vanak church, Naghshe-Jahan square and are planning to leave Isfahan tonight to Shiraz.


Iran's Isfahan nicknamed "half of the world" for its unique artistic beauty and rich history boasts of a very wide range of tourism destinations and world-class natural resorts and tourist attractions.

Meanwhile, Director-General of Isfahan's Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization Fereydoun Allah Yari said on Tuesday that 220,000 foreign tourists visited the province's historical monuments and tourist attractions during the current Iranian year (started March 21, 2019) which shows an increase of 5% in comparison to the same period last year.

Fereydoun Allah Yari told IRNA that the largest number of foreign tourists coming to Isfahan province are from Germany, France, China, Spain, Turkey, Japan, Greece, Thailand, and Australia.

 He further emphasized that the city saw a sharp rise in the number of Asian tourists, especially from Arab countries during the period.

He attributed this growth to the existence of numerous health centers (health tourism), the flow of the Zayandehrood River and the numerous places of pilgrimage in the province, among other factors that have been effective in welcoming Asian tourists, especially from Muslim countries, as a tourist destination.

Thanks to its climatic and natural diversity, the historical monuments and ancient artifacts Isfahan enjoys a world-wide reputation as an international tourist destination.

In addition to domestic tourists, foreign tourists, especially Europeans, are keen on seeing the desert areas of eastern Isfahan. On the other hand, there is a huge gap between the people of the province to travel to the cities and villages of the provincial capital in all seasons.

About 7.8 million tourists traveled to Iran in the past Iranian year, ended on March 20, 2019, registering 52.5 percent growth compared to the preceding year which was 5.1 million tourists. 

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