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Highlighting the need for more streamlined digital transport and logistics to drive development prospects, the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council has approved a Roadmap for a Coordinated Transport Policy, to be implemented over the next two years.

IRU, supported by its member associations in the EAEU, spearheaded the inclusion of key provisions, including measures to facilitate accession of EAEU member states to the protocol for the electronic consignment note (e-CMR), professionalisation through global standards and certification, and the harmonisation of international passenger road transport.

The new Policy addresses the identification and removal of barriers for international road transport with improvements to the quality of services, strengthened ties between Europe and Asia, and a drive on innovation and digitalisation, plus the promotion of green technologies and autonomous vehicles, among other items.

IRU and its member associations, AIRCA (Armenia), AIRTO-KR (Kyrgyzstan), ASMAP (Russia), BAMAP (Belarus) and KAZATO (Kazakhstan) continue to support the EAEU member states in implementing the Roadmap in close partnership with the Eurasian Economic Commission.



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