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 The first EffiLiner 3000 electric locomotive to be produced by CZ Loko through an extensive rebuild of an ex-SNCB Class 12 was handed over to open-access operator IDS Cargo in a ceremony at Praha Libeň station on October 26.

Now designated Class 365, the 3 kV DC/25 kV 50 Hz locomotive has been rebuilt with new cabs, brakes, traction equipment and electronic controls, retaining only the bogies and bodyshell.

‘Our dual-system novelty drew the interest of several Czech railway carriers as it allows them to run under both electrical systems without changing locomotives’, said CZ Loko Sales Director Jaroslav Plhák. ‘Figuratively speaking, from Děčín to Štúrovo and then continuing on an AC system to Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and countries of the former Yugoslavia. This naturally saves both time and money. It shows its business potential and we are therefore working on more machines.’

‘We are very pleased to have the first EffiLiner in our fleet’, said IDS Cargo Chairman Michal Gajdoš. ‘Its power, speed and other technical parameters meet our needs. We are assigning it to routes that, until now, required switching of two electric locomotives according to AC and DC power traction. This will speed up transport times, increase reliability and reduce maintenance costs. These costs are incomparably lower than those of the older vehicles. The comfort of the operating staff will increase as well.’


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