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The First Locomotive Co of Bombardier Transportation and local investors announced at Expo 1520 that is expects to obtain certification this autumn for its 1 520 mm gauge member of the Traxx locomotive family.

The prototype 2EV120 Prince Vladimir twin-section locomotive built at the company’s Engels factory was exhibited at the event in Shcherbinka.

The 120 km/h dual-system Traxx F120MS is designed to haul trains of 7 000 tonnes to 9 000 tonnes in temperatures between -55°C and +45°C.

It has a maximum rating of 9·6 MW and continuous rating of 8·8 MW, and can operate under 25 kV 50 Hz or 3 kV DC electrification. A 500 kW last-mile diesel engine can be installed in an isolated compartment in each section. The locomotive has Bombardier’s Mitrac control system, Flexx Power 140 RU bogies for axleloads up to 25 tonnes, asynchronous traction motors and Knorr-Bremse braking systems.


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