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The US Coast Guard announced in the Federal Register its intent to enter into a cooperative research and development agreement (CRADA) to evaluate small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS) sensors or payloads, for use in a maritime environment.

USCG will take part in this scheme with other companies and the SUASs will be used by first responders and DHS operational components.

Furthermore, USCG announced that it will conduct flight testing and evaluations of SUAS under a wide variety of simulated but realistic and relevant real-world maritime operational scenarios, such as:

    law enforcement

    search and rescue

    maritime environmental responses.

    “From our previous solicitations, the Coast Guard is currently considering partnering with AeroVironment, Inc. and solicits public comment on the possible participation of other parties in the proposed CRADA, and the nature of that participation. The Coast Guard also invites other potential non-Federal participants, who have the interest and capability to bring similar contributions to this type of research, to consider submitting proposals for consideration in similar CRADAs,” USCG informed.

The Federal Register mentioned that comments and synopses of proposals regarding future CRADAs must reach the Coast Guard on, or before Dec. 20, 2017.


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