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The US Coast Guard (USCG) has issued an updated type-approval certificate for TeamTec OceanSaver Ballast Water Treatment System, following recent sale of OceanSaver’s assets to IMS Group.

This certificate supersedes Approval number 162.060/3 dated August 24, 2017; with changes only to the manufacturer name.

    “All OceanSaver equipment manufactured during the validity of the original type approval certificate remains approved as long as it is manufactured, installed, and operated according to the terms of the type approval certificate. Any maintenance and repairs to this equipment must also be performed in accordance with the manuals and components specified as part of the type approval,” USCG said.

OceanSaver was among the first suppliers of ballast water treatment to be approved by IMO, to successfully complete the stringent test regime by the US Coast Guard and to obtain a USCG type approval in December 2016. However, the Norwegian-based manufacturer filed for bankruptcy in September 2017.


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