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The National Association of Telematics for Transport and Safety (TTS Italia) has joined IRU bringing some 60 transport and safety related members into the global network.

Founded in Rome in 1999, TTS Italia promotes the implementation, development and diffusion of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Italy. It works to improve efficiency and safety in the Italian transport system through the analysis of problems and opportunities, the formulation of proposals, and the diffusion of information and knowledge in the ITS sector. TTS Italia includes both public and private organisations, research institutes, and universities that are active in the development and implementation of intelligent systems for transport and safety.

The association has a strong relationship with leading European associations given its participation in the Network of National ITS Associations, which is funded and managed by ERTICO-ITS Europe. TTS Italia also has strong ties with leading worldwide ITS associations in America, Argentina, Australia, China, Israel and Singapore.



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