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Canada's New Brunswick Government is to invest on two bridges on the Tobique River as part of its capital budget. 

The investment will see the continuation of Phase II project on the bridge over Tobique power dam, as well as the start of multi-year repair of the Tobique River bridge that connects Plaster Rock village with Route 108. 

New Brunswick Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser said: “Strategic investments in transportation infrastructure are a key element in job creation and economic growth.

"By making the right investments at the right time, we are improving and maintaining our roads and bridges, while moving the economy forward."  

Repair works of the Tobique River bridge No1, which crosses the river dam, have been going on since 2016.

Phase II of the project is expected to be completed this year, while third phase is expected to follow once approved. 

"Both of these bridges are important components of our regional transportation network."

This month the government intends to award a tender for carrying out two-year repair works on the Tobique River bridge No 4 in Plaster Rock. 

Repair works to be undertaken this year will include pier caps and beam ends and replacement of the bearing. Works relating to partial depth replacement of the bridge deck, replacement of the expansion joints and upgrades to the traffic barrier system will be undertaken next year.

Carleton-Victoria MLA Andrew Harvey said: "Both of these bridges are important components of our regional transportation network. 

"These projects will ensure that our businesses can continue to get their goods to market and our residents can get where they need to go." 

The province’s $775.6m capital budget includes the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure’s capital budget of $6385m. 


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