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North Sulawesi is probably most known for its Bunaken National Park, however, this province has a lot of other interesting destinations that are worth visiting, one of them is Tetempangan Hill.

Located 568 meters above sea level in Koha, Mandolang district, Minahasa regency, Tetempangan Hill is surrounded by clove and coconut plantations.

The place offers breathtaking views of Tumpa and Lokon mountains, Amurang Bay and Manado Bay Beach.

Some visitors go to Tetempangan Hill to catch the sunset and full-moon views, while others who are into sports activities travel to Tetempangan Hill to do paragliding at Manado Skyline.

The 20-hectare Manado Skyline is a haven for paragliding enthusiasts, unlike other locations that only have one launch site this place has three locations that are suitable for cross-country flying and acro paragliding. Manado Skyline is located near the ocean and the temperature in that area is relatively normal. It is also located near the town center.

Back in July, the place hosted an international event called Trip of Indonesia (TROI) 2017 and in September, world aerobatic paragliding champion Theo De Blic was invited by Manado Skyline to give a tutorial on Simulate Incident de Vol (SIV) that was attended by thousands of visitors.

Last year, another world acro-paragliding champion from France named Francois Ragolski also visited the place. “This is the best place in the world, I’ve never found a paragliding location that is this good in the world,” he said.

Wenny Lumentut, the owner of Manado Skyline, said that this place has welcomed at least 3,000 Chinese tourists and has become a favorite among them.


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