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TIN news:  Cultural achievements of the Islamic Republic of Iran were put on show through an exhibition titled ‘Nations Culture Festival’ in Shanghai, China.

In the one-day exhibition on Sunday ―  hosted by Shanghai University and arranged by various countries’ students including Iran ― cultural and tourist attractions of participating countries were displayed to the visitors.

Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, Sweden, Britain, Italy, Germany, Tunisia, Ecuador, the US and South Korea were among many countries who had stands in the exhibition.

Iran’s stand which was supported by its cultural attaché in China, and the Iranian presidency’s representative in technology exhibited a collection of pictures of historical places, scenery, traditional costumes and artifacts.

Iranian Cultural Attaché Behnam Azad met with Shanghai University’s vice chancellor and China’s Cooperation Organization and Public Diplomacy on the sidelines of the exhibition and explored ways of cooperation expansion


source: IRNA news agency

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