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TESTING has started in the Dutch province of Utrecht with the helloGo app, which will enable passengers to plan, book and purchase tickets using a single app for all modes of transport including rail, bus, taxi, bicycle and car rental.

The app will be launched by Keolis in Utrecht province and will eventually be rolled out across the Netherlands. HelloGo has been developed with the support of Keolis Nederland, the 9292 travel-planning app, Netherlands Railways (NS), Gogido, LeisureKing, MyWheels and a taxi booking website taxiboeken.nl.


HelloGo will combine different transport modes to offer passengers the best possible choice of routes in terms of speed, eco-friendliness and cost. The app will allow users to:

• plan, book and pay at the same time

• pay in advance and not separately for each mode of transport

• connect the Dutch national chip card to their account

• decide whether to travel quickly, easily or in an eco-friendly way

• choose the best route from A to B

• collate journeys made in a handy overview, and

• store frequently-recurring trips.

Keolis plans to introduce the app in other European countries where it has public transport concessions.



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