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Potsdam receives first lengthened Combino LRV

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POTSDAM marked a milestone in a €50m project to upgrade its 29km tram network on September 7, when the first Siemens Combino LRV to be lengthened from 30.5m to 41.6m arrived back in the German city.

Potsdam Transport (ViP) is lengthening eight Combinos from five to seven sections to increase the seating capacity of each vehicle from 176 to 246.

The, work, which involves inserting two Avenio LRV sections into each vehicle, is being carried out at Siemens Simmering plant in Vienna. The first lengthened Combino will enter passenger service by December and modification of the final vehicle is due to be completed in 2019.

ViP is reconstructing its tram depot to accommodate the longer vehicles. Work began on September 11 and is due to be completed in autumn 2018.


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