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Earlier in November the Argentinian navy submarine ‘ARA San Juan’, lost its communication and went missing. Now, the Argentinian navy informs that an explosion was detected near the area that the submarine went missing.

According to the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization, its hydroacousting network detected an unusual signal from an udnerwater impulsive event, near the latest known position of the missing ‘San Juan’ submarine, on November 15.

The American navy ruled out the possibility of this event being an volcanic or seismic activity.

The search and rescue mission for the 44 crew of the submarine is still in action and the activities are concentrated near the area that the explosion was detected.

Last week, the Argentinian Defence Ministry said that it may have received satellite calls from the 44 crewmembers of the missing submarine ‘ARA San Juan’, trying to reestablish communication and an international rescue mission was planned.

According to sources, if the submarine is intact, the crew will have oxygen supplies for seven to ten days.


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