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IMO’s Chris Trelawny outlined the current trans-national threats to shipping, highlighting that for effective maritime security,  cooperation, coordination and communication between all stakeholders at national, regional and international level, are required. During a meeting of global Navy Chiefs , Mr. Trelawny also acknowledged the contribution of effective civil/military cooperation to protecting international maritime transport and addressed key challenges for sustainable development in the field of maritime security.  

Forty-seven navies, including 29 Chiefs of Navies, and 11 international and national organizations participated in the XI Venice Regional Seapower Symposium in Italy (17-20 October), which was hosted by the Italian Navy under the theme of “Navies beyond traditional roles: crewing efforts to project stability and security from the sea”

IMO’s Chris Trelawny participated by addressing the sub-theme of “how to face trans-regional challenges through traditional capabilities?”

Mr Trelawny also emphasized that these practices will not only support the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development but could also address some of the stress factors that lead to instability, insecurity and uncontrolled mixed migration.


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