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The Bahamas Maritime Authority reminds that the format of existing Garbage Record Books is subject to amendments, therefore, from 01 March 2018, the new Garbage Record Book Part I shall be provided. Also, the new Garbage Record Book Part II shall  be provided to record discharge of cargo residues for ships that carry solid bulk cargoes. Garbage Record Books are required to be in the format specified in the Appendix to MARPOL Annex V.

Amendments – Polar Code

BMA issued bulletin to outline the amendments required under MAPROL Annex V and said t hat the existing  Garbage Record Books may continue to be used until 28 February 2018.The current version of the Garbage Record Book provided by the Bahamas Maritime Authority (BMA) is Revision 1 of August 2012. In particular, the following amendments are required:

  • Annex V of MARPOL was amended by IMO Resolution MEPC.265(68) to include references to the Polar Code, which entered into force on 01 January 2017.
  • Consequently, changes to the text in the chapeau of section 4.1.3 of the current Garbage Record Book issued by the BMA (Rev.1 August 2012) are necessary, to include reference to Chapter 5 of Part II-A of the Polar Code, as follows:“4.1.3 When garbage is discharged into the sea in accordance with regulation 4, 5 or 6 of MARPOL Annex V or chapter 5 of part II-A of the Polar Code”
  • The Master or other responsible representative of the Company may make hand written amendments to section 4.1.3 on page 2 of the Garbage Record Book for the purposes of bringing the book into compliance with the revised IMO model specified in MEPC.265(68), using the blue/underlined text in paragraph 4.2 above. The entry should be initialled by the person making the change.
  • A copy of the statement attached at Annex 1 and/or a copy of this Bulletin should be attached to any amended Garbage Record Book as evidence of Flag State approval of this procedure


The format of the Garbage Record Book was amended by MEPC.277(70) and the amendments will enter into force on 01 March 2018.MEPC.277(70) splits the Garbage Record Book into two parts: Garbage Record Book Part I to record discharge of garbage from ships and Garbage Record Book Part II to record discharge of cargo residues from ships carrying solid bulk cargoes.

Companies operating ships registered in The Bahamas are encouraged to order new format Garbage Record Books at the earliest opportunity to ensure that the correct format is on board before 01 March 2018.

The BMA said it has no objection to the voluntary use of the new format Garbage Record Books prior to 01 March 2018. Also, The BMA has no objection to the use of Garbage Record Books issued by other suppliers and Administrations, provided that they are in the format specified in MARPOL Annex V, Appendix I, as amended by MEPC.277(70).

However, it should be noted that Port State Control officers sometimes raise deficiencies where MARPOL Record Books are used which are not issued by the ship’s flag State.


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