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The American P&I Club issued a guide, entitled “Protecting the Marine Environment”, in order to heighten awareness of seafarers to the impact ships, seaborne cargoes, fuels, stores and people onboard can have upon the marine environment. The guide aims to advise them that what goes onboard the ship should also come off in an environmentally friendly way.

As the Club explains, shipping is commonly misunderstood as to its impact to the environment. However, it is one of the cleanest forms of transportation, in terms of environmental footprint, compared to the other forms of transportation, as the industry plays a vital tole in reducing emissions, promoting anti-fouling paints, ballast water management and other relevant initiatives.


The guide aims to boost the environmental aspect of maritime industry, with a further enhancement of the seafarers’ education on environmental sensitivity to succeed this.

Credit: American P&I Club

Explore more by reading the full guide herebelow:


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