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TIN news:  The Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), SPRING Singapore and the Standards Development Organisation @ Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SDO@SCIC) launched the first Singapore Technical Reference (TR) 56 for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Bunkering.

According to MPA, this standard provides a safe, efficient, sustainable and transparent technical framework for conducting LNG bunkering operations and, therefore, offering greater assurance to local and international LNG bunker buyers and suppliers.

MPA’s LNG bunkering pilot programme commenced early this year and will utilise TR 56 to guide the implementation of operational protocols by licensed LNG bunkering suppliers, specifically on the areas of safety and reliability. This will help the industry gain operational experience in LNG bunkering.

Mr Goh Tiak Boon, Chairman of the Technical Committee on LNG Bunkering[2] under the Singapore Standard Council, said, “TR 56 will support the adoption of LNG as a bunker fuel in the Port of Singapore to meet international requirements for environmental sustainability. It will also help the local LNG bunkering sector follow a uniformed set of good practices thereby enhancing efficiency, safety and transparency.

“TR 56 paves the way for the bunkering industry to transform to meet the challenges of the future economy. SPRING will work with industry stakeholders to develop the necessary accreditation and conformity assessment schemes, and provide a range of assistance to SMEs in areas such as training, consultancy, certification and funding to support the LNG bunkering industry in adopting this Technical Reference,” said Ms Choy Sauw Kook, Assistant Chief Executive of SPRING Singapore.

The Singapore Government has been working closely with industry players to advance the development of Singapore as a leading LNG bunkering and gas trading hub, because a robust LNG bunkering sector in Singapore will unlock new business opportunities in related services such as LNG trading and storage.


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