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TIN news:   Maersk, container shipping company, is set to unveil the thinking behind its recent agreements with IBM and China’s Alibaba, as the company’s Chief Digital Officer, Ibrahim Gokcen, takes the stage at this year’s “Nor-Shipping” maritime week. Gokcen is going to analyse the future course of the maritime industry.

Maersk promotes digital initiatives, aiming for transformational developments to this shipping segment. This month, the company announced a collaboration with IBM, whereby the two would work together to digitize, manage, and track shipping transactions using blockchain technology, known for powering the digital currency bitcoin, according to Nor-Shipping Director, Birgit Liodden.

This follows the news of another Maersk’s collaboration with online retailer Alibaba, that aims to offer the cargo owners greater control over their own supply chain. 

“Ibrahim will shed light on the thought processes, opportunities and technology that have been, and will be, central to their realization. Our main theme for this year’s Nor-Shipping is Catalyst for Change and we have a focus on Disruptive Sustainability. I can’t think of anything that encapsulates those concepts more than what Maersk is undertaking right now,” adds Birgit Liodden.

Mr Liodden also highlighted that the industry needs to embrace the potential of digital innovation, if it is to retain its leading role in world trade and suggested that collaboration and sharing of ideas with open-mind perspective is the best solution. 


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