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TIN news:   Highways England (HE) will install new CCTV and an emergency public addressing system at A38 Saltash Tunnel, as part of its roads investment in Cornwall.
The Saltash Tunnel is a tidal flow tunnel that adjoins the Tamar Bridge using advanced control systems to manage traffic coming from and out of Cornwall and Devon on the A38.
Works in this tunnel will commence from 3 July and will include the installation of CCTV and emergency public addressing system to improve safety of commuters travelling through the tunnel and on the A38 from St Budeaux to Carkeel Roundabout.
Operators will be able to monitor traffic flow with the help of CCTV and accordingly adjust the configurations of lanes within the tunnel and over the Tamar Bridge crossing.
Additionally, the emergency public address system will enable operators to convey both pre-recorded and live messages to users of the tunnel in emergency conditions.
HE has invested £1.1m for use of latest technology in the tunnel.
Highways England area manager Julian Strong said: "The safety of our customers and workforce is always our priority and that is why we are investing in the latest technology to enhance the system we already have in place in and around the tunnel.
"Extensive planning has been undertaken to ensure the works will cause the least possible disruption and that is why they are being undertaken overnight from Sunday to Thursday when the A38 is at its quietest.
"With only a small addition to journey times we expect A38 drivers to experience little disruption."
"With only a small addition to journey times we expect A38 drivers to experience little disruption.
"We have also planned these works to ensure there is no traffic management in place during the day or at any time over the busy summer weekends."
Nineteen new digital CCTV cameras with better low light capability will be installed in addition to ten speakers.
The new equipment replaces a system that has been in use for a decade.

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