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TIN news:  Indra, in partnership with Eurocontrol Maastricht Upper Area Control Centre (MUAC), has launched the upgraded flight data processing systems into operations.
An advanced flight data processing system was initially deployed by MUAC and Indra in 2008.
Since then the system supported close to 500 direct routes for the centre in the airspace that it oversees.
"The completion of modernisation programme also represents renewal of partnership between the firms."
The system comprises 4D trajectory flight management and medium-term conflict warning in order to reduce aircraft fuel consumption and CO² emissions while providing greater operational efficiencies.
The upgrade project, however, involved replacing the flight data processing system's obsolete hardware with a new standard as well as reduction in hardware footprint by 60%, thus reducing maintenance and cooling costs.
The completion of modernisation programme also represents renewal of partnership between the firms.
The new virtualised infrastructure is expected to allow MUAC to provide safe ATC services, with appropriate levels of capacity and efficiency in growing traffic.
MUAC, which is operated by Eurocontrol on behalf of four states, provides control for the upper airspace of Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and north-west Germany.
Indra launched the first full air traffic control system in 2010 with 4D flight control capabilities at the DFS's Karlsruhe control centre in Germany.
The company said it is currently developing the next-generation of air traffic control systems as part of the interoperability Through European Collaboration (iTEC).
The firm, which is the technology partner for the iTEC initiative, works alongside air navigation service providers in DFS, Germany; NAIRE, Spain; NATS, UK; and LVNL, Holland.
To date, the company's systems have supported around 100 million safe landings at more than 1,200 runways at the world's largest airports.

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