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TIN news:   The Panama Maritime Authority has revised its circular MMC-321 regarding the Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR). 
Panama Maritime Authority requests all Owners, Operators and Legal Representatives to apply for the Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) immediately after registered under/or cancelled from the Panamanian Flag according to the Merchant Marine Circular No. 183 in order to maintain the correct sequential number and update the information of the CSR
According to SOLAS Chapter XI-1 regulation 5, paragraph 3, the Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR) is a special measure for enhancing the maritime security at sea and must be kept on board even when the vessel transfers to another flag state, is sold to another owner, is taken over by another bareboat charter, or any other company assumes the responsibility of the ship operation.
From 1 July 2004, SOLAS Chapter XI-1, regulation 5 requires all Passenger ships and Cargo ships of 500 gross tonnages and above engaged on international voyages and Self Propelled Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU) to have on board a Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR).
The Continuous Synopsis Record is intended to provide an on board record of the history of the ship with respect to the information recorded therein and must be kept on board the ship at all time for inspection
Vessels not subject to mandatory compliance with the ISPS Code may do so voluntarily. Once issued, the CSR must be kept on board, in accordance with SOLAS regulatory requirements
This Administration will only issue a NOT CSR CERTIFICATION where the SOLAS Chapter XI-1, regulation 5, does not apply or in cases when the Panama Maritime Authority have to certify any other items in relation with the vessel, according to article 1 paragraph 8 from Resolution J.D. 038-2014.
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