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TIN news:     UK-based firm Hitex International Group is partnering with Trans Metalite to provide road maintenance, safety and marking services in India.
In order to develop solutions to tackle the problems of road repair and maintenance, the firms have established a manufacturing facility at Bawal in Haryana, a northern state of India.

The firms aim to develop solutions to reduce the risk of potholes and cracks, as well as develop anti-skid solutions and long-lasting, retro-reflective road markings.
"We have gained invaluable knowledge regarding the unique and often complex difficulties facing the Indian infrastructure network."
British High Commission first secretary for trade and investment for India Anthony Cooper was quoted by Business Standard as saying: "This partnership between the UK company and Indian company celebrates the spirit of GREAT for Collaboration and Make in India.
"We are glad that the UK can use its expertise to provide solutions for road maintenance in India."
Hitex International Group commercial director Finn Goff was quoted by the publication as saying: "It was October 2013 when I first visited India and in the preceding two years, we have gained invaluable knowledge regarding the unique and often complex difficulties facing the Indian infrastructure network."

"Very early it became apparent that the greatest chance of success lay in developing an Indian solution to an Indian problem. To that end, we sought a partner here in India that could enable this to happen and were very lucky to begin working with Trans Metalite India.
"Our combined vision is to deliver high-quality solutions and innovative road surfacing systems to the Indian highways construction and maintenance industries."
Trans Metalite India managing director Vikas Jalan said: "In line with the vision of our founder Vishwambhar Jalan, Metalite took a decision about a couple of decades back to introduce new technologies into the country, which would help mankind, and through sustainable development contribute to reducing the carbon footprint as well.
"At the time when there was massive construction initiated in the roads and highway sector, we decided to get new processes, equipment and materials to enhance the effective life of the road surface with minimal intervention, thus reducing the lifecycle cost substantially."
Trans Metabolite develops solutions for road maintenance, bolstering the life of road surfaces through minimal intervention and minimising lifecycle costs. The company's maintenance solutions have been used on roadways of Delhi and Jaipur.

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