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TIN news:     EMSA has developed Rulecheck tool to help Port State Control Officers (PSCOs) in their decision-making process by giving them rapid access to the relevant international (IMO, ILO) legislation for Port State Control as well as to the regional procedures (where such exist in the framework of a Memorandum for Understanding on Port State Control).
RuleCheck facilitates the work of the PSCOs by filtering the applicable requirements of the international instruments and regional procedures for a specific ship according to its type, construction date, size, etc.
The tool is regularly updated to ensure that the PSCOs always have access to the latest versions of the applicable international instruments. The search function gives PSCOs ready access to relevant and targeted information, avoiding the need to consult hard copies. The tool also facilitates the harmonisation of the standards for PSC inspections within a region.
The Distance Learning Package (DLP) placed on the MaKCs platform is an e-learning tool composed of 16 modules on the relevant instruments and the international legislation/procedures for PSC. The tool is designed to improve the professional competency and to ensure a harmonised approach by PSCOs during PSC inspections.
As from August 2015 the PSCOs from Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan and Ukraine have access to the customised versions of RuleCheck and DLP (containing only international regulations). Additionally, in order to maintain the consistency within the Black Sea MoU on PSC, access was granted to the PSCOs from the remaining member authorities - Bulgaria, Romania, the Russian Federation and Turkey.

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