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TIN news:    Transport Malta has issued its safety investigation report into the collision between the Maltese registered bulk carrier EVANGELIA PETRAKIS and the Bahrain registered container vessel MAYSSAN in the approaches to Xianzhimen TSS, East China Sea on September 25, 2015.
At the time of the accident, Evangelia Petrakis was enroute from Zhoushan to Zhangjiagang, China and Mayssan was approaching Xiazhimen TSS to embark pilot for Ningbo port.
Both vessels suffered extensive structural damage. There were, however, neither any injuries nor reported pollution.
The Marine Safety Investigation Unit (MSIU) found that the immediate cause of the accident was an inaccurate awareness of a situation which was dynamic and evolving during a critical period of time.
NKK Class surveyor carried out a damage survey on board Evangelia Petrakis which revealed the following damages:
Forecastle deck including fairleads, bollards, bulwark, air pipe, port anchor hawse pipe, bosun store etc. damaged or deformed;
Port anchor and anchor chain lost;
Shell plating with internals in way of forecastle deck were found damaged or deformed; and
Forward section of bulbous bow severely deformed
There was no evidence to suggest that the bridge team involved in the collision were experiencing fatigue. Therefore, fatigue on board Evangelia Petrakis was not considered to be a contributing factor to this accident.
There is no evidence to suggest that the crew members on board Evangelia Petrakis were intoxicated. The master of Evangelia Petrakis reported to the MSA at Ningbo that the crew members were neither intoxicated nor had imbibed alcohol or under the effect of drugs prior to the departure from the port of Zhoushan.
Evangelia Petrakis' SMS manual on 'operational guidance for officers in charge of navigational watch' provided no specific instructions on the use of VHF radio for collision avoidance; .
2 Evangelia Petrakis did not slacken her speed, stop or reverse her engines to allow more time and space to assess the situation and then move cautiously;
.3 There was no use of the SMCP and message markers in the VHF radio communications.
Read further details about the accident by clicking at the following investigation report issued by Transport Malta


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