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TIN news:     Transport Malta has issued a safety investigation report into the engine-room fire onboard the Maltese registered supply vessel GSP PERSEU at GSP Shipyards, Agigea, Contanta, Romania on September 29, 2014.
At the date, a fire broke out in the engine-room of the supply vessel GSP Perseu, which was under repairs at GSP Shipyards. The safety investigation concluded that the fire was a result of possible hot works (steel cuttings) being carried out by shipyard‟s workers in way of bilge tank located aft of the engine room compartments during the night shift on 29 September 2014.
The fire broke out in the main engine-room, aft port side and was first noticed by the engine-room watchman who initially tried to put out the fire on his own, by means of a portable CO2 fire extinguisher.
The fire was eventually extinguished during the early hours of 30 September following the release of the fixed CO2 system of the vessel into the main engine-room.
In view of the safety actions taken by the Company during the course of the safety investigation, no recommendations have been issued.
A damage survey was carried out by the BV Surveyor on 01 October 2014. The following damage was identified:
electrical cables under the main deck affected by the fire and required replacement;
electrical junction boxes affected by the fire and required replacement;
one electrical panel and monitoring devices affected by the fire and required renewal;
light fittings affected by the fire and required replacement;
forward seal on the port side tailshaft required replacement; and
smoke damage in various areas of the engine-room.
The safety investigation concluded that in all probability, the fire started from the plastic flexible ventilation ducting which was used for the LEV system. The flexible ventilation ducting was running from the cofferdam all the way to the MP Compartment. Of particular importance was a sharp double loop of the plastic flexible ventilation ducting, which was located within the cofferdam / engine-room opening. The double loop was arranged as such to secure the flexible ventilation ducting
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