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TIN news:      Traffic data aggregator Inrix has launched a new app that provides drivers with critical information on road conditions, including updated alerts every 15min.
Called Inrix Road Weather, the app provides data such as type of precipitation, surface conditions and visibility on the road, unlike conventional weather services.
Currently available to automotive and enterprise customers in North America and Europe, Road Weather is claimed to be the first system to use real-time data from connected vehicles to report road conditions and warn other drivers of potentially dangerous situations.
"Road Weather is another innovative next step that continues our work to use massive amounts of big data and leading-edge technology."
Inrix founder and CEO Bryan Mistele said: "Inrix has been focused on making driving not only more efficient, but also safer.
"Road Weather is another innovative next step that continues our work to use massive amounts of big data and leading-edge technology to make connected cars safer and cities smarter."
Data collected by the app is analysed and transmitted to other vehicles and mobile applications, to eventually deliver important and timely information to drivers on whether they should adjust their route or driving behaviour well ahead of the incoming problem.
Developed in collaboration with Global Weather Corporation (GWC), the app can increase efficiency of public transportation and road maintenance agencies in applying resources, while aiding emergency service personnel in managing traffic flow before an accident occurs.
The app combines the data available from in-vehicle sensors with GWC's algorithms to accurately predict temperature and precipitation on the road.
GWC CEO Mark Flolid said: "We are partnering with Inrix to leverage the power of real-time connected vehicle data that can further enhance forecast accuracy and coverage, which will ultimately improve driver safety."
According to the company, weather-related accidents exert a huge impact on travellers worldwide, with US and Europe respectively recording 7,000 and 8,000 weather-related auto accident fatalities each year.
Weather conditions are said to lead to commercial losses worth $18bn, and are believed to be the cause of 25% of US accidents and 30% in Europe.

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