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TIN news:        North P&I Club has joined forces with the International Maritime Pilots' Association (IMPA) and the UK Maritime Pilots' Association (UKMPA) to produce guidance and advice for the shipping industry on navigating with a pilot on board.
North loss prevention executive Simon MacLeod says,
'Investigations into a number of our recent high-value admiralty claims found that contributing factors included a breakdown in communications between the pilot and bridge team, a failure to discuss and understand the proposed voyage plan, and failure to share critical information. Through this unique collaboration with IMPA and UKMPA, we have been able to share our knowledge and experience to develop clear guidance which we hope will assist both pilots and bridge teams.'
UKMPA chairman Don Cockrill says,
'All ship masters and pilots are aware of the paramount importance of conducting appropriate master-pilot exchanges before and during passages under pilotage. However, the content and relevance are often overlooked, especially on smaller ships or on ships that call frequently at the same port. This guide is relevant to masters and bridge teams on all ships regardless of size, type or trade'.
IMPA secretary general Nick Cutmore says,
'I believe these guidelines will be invaluable for our members and for the shipping industry as a whole.  I would also like to give credit to North for undertaking this initiative. Such collaboration is invaluable and we have worked with the Club for many years on these useful areas of work.'
The guidance is being produced as part of the 170 million GT, 'A' rated club's popular range of loss prevention briefings and are freely available online at North's website at www.nepia.com, the IMPA website at www.impahq.org and the UKMPA website at www.ukmpa.org.
The first briefing on the master-pilot exchange covers the information which should be conveyed during the initial discussions between the bridge team and the pilot. 'Only through the sharing of critical information relating to the characteristics and equipment of the vessel and the intended manoeuvres can a mutually agreed and understood plan, which ensures the safe movement of the vessel, be developed and implemented,' says MacLeod.
Please click below to read the first document which covers the critical master-pilot information exchange

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