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  TIN news:        General Motors India has announced a vehicle safety recall of Chevrolet Spark, Beat and Enjoy vehicles manufactured between 2007-2014 over battery issues.
The third largest car manufacturer in the world is recalling its three small cars fitted with a remote keyless entry accessory.
The recall will affect approximately 160,000 vehicles in the country.
"Over 800,000 cars have been recalled in the country since 2012. This year alone has seen at least five major recalls covering over 70,000 vehicles," according to a report published in Hindustan Times.
It is the biggest voluntary recall in the country on part of General Motors. The automobile manufacturer has informed the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) about the recall.
Director for after sales at GM India, Anand Kumar, is writing letters to owners of its three small cars to repair the battery wiring.
The recall is only for the vehicles fitted with remote keyless entry accessory made by component maker AutoCop. GM is recalling the vehicles as the defective battery wiring can cause a short circuit with the potential risk of fire.
The battery wiring harness will be modified free of cost at designated centers and it will take approximately two hours for the process, according to the report.

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