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TIN news:       UK-based engineering consultancy Frazer-Nash and Bombardier Transportation have been awarded the Technological Innovation prize at the Rail Business awards for their joint work on the Train Zero project at Bombardier's Derby plant.
Frazer-Nash and Bombardier collaborated to develop the system integration test facility, Train Zero, which enables an innovative approach to systems integration.
This facility offers Bombardier the capability for testing and refinement of new rolling stock much earlier in the design process, Frazer-Nash said.
Frazer-Nash consultancy rail business manager Richard Jones said: "Train Zero will help Bombardier create an all-new train that meets Crossrail's exacting specifications and will also achieve planned reliability much earlier than has previously been the norm in the UK rail industry.
"The project is also set to act as a catalyst for further innovation by Bombardier's engineers and suppliers."
"The project is also set to act as a catalyst for further innovation by Bombardier's engineers and suppliers to collaborate on integration of train systems at an early stage and that's something we hope to develop in the future."
This integration facility will help Bombardier to manufacture the next generation of Crossrail rolling stock with safer, more reliable and enhanced performance.
For the Crossrail project, Bombardier will deliver 65 new Aventra trains under the £1bn contract awarded by Transport for London (TfL) and the UK Department for Transport (DfT).
In December 2014, Bombardier launched the new £1.6m Iron Bird integration test facility for the new fleet of Crossrail trains at Bombardier factory in Derby.
Bombardier recently awarded a £12.5m contract to infrastructure group Balfour Beatty to create a production, testing and office facility in Derby, UK, for the new Crossrail trains.

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