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TIN news:         Finavia, which operates Finland's airports and air navigation systems, has installed sleeping pods at Helsinki Airport to enhance passenger experience.
Helsinki is the first airport among the European Union nations to offer this service. Currently, 19 such pods have been installed at the airport.
'GoSleep' sleeping pods, designed by Finland-based Short Rest Solutions, offers more privacy to passengers at the airports.
"We wish to provide passengers with an opportunity for stress-free travel and a nap between flights."
They feature an ergonomic seat that can be changed into a bed. The pods have a provision for accommodating a passenger's luggage under the seat and also come with a cover to prevent noise and light from entering.
Passengers can store their hand luggage under the seat, which comes equipped with a power point for charging phones or laptops. Pillows and blankets are also available.
Helsinki Airport vice president Heikki Koski said: "We wish to provide passengers with an opportunity for stress-free travel and a nap between flights. Helsinki Airport has many transit passengers, who may not have had any sleep for a day or are suffering from jet lag. I believe that the service will have genuine demand."
The pods were launched in mid-February and received positive feedback from passengers.
Short Rest Solutions CEO Jussi Piispanen said: "The pilot project showed that passengers prefer individual sleeping pods to larger rest areas. Sleeping pods have aroused wide-spread interest in particular on gate 18, where they are available for testing for free during the spring.
"Based on customer feedback, we will continue to refine the service to make it even more customer-friendly."
The price of the service is €9 per hour.
Recently, the Helsinki airport had been selected as the world's third most sleep-friendly airport by 'Sleepinginairports.com' website that evaluates sleeping possibilities in airports.
The airport operator currently has a €900m development plan to increase the transfer capacity of Helsinki Airport and the annual passenger volume to 20 million in 2020.

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