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TIN news:    Among the different international training offers is the SIAFItraining, which for several decades has been the outstanding international railway training programme for managers from railway companies and other sector organisations.
The SIAFInternational programme actively addresses those talents (young and experienced) with a strong appetite for international collaboration and willingness to extend their skills and competencies beyond their areas of technical expertise. Attending the SIAFInternational Programme provides an opportunity for them to obtain in-depth insights into international best practices, for getting a good comprehension of core issues for railways in an ever growing competitive environment, for developing intercultural skills, for creating strong and sustainable network and for cross functional collaboration.
Since 2014 the training has been revamped introducing, inter alia, a number of “transversal” competencies which have become crucial to complete the skill sets of highly competent managers in the rail sector.
The increasing connectedness of railways make it more and more crucial for companies to have internationally-minded managers with a good understanding of the changing business environment, capable of sizing the challenges and opportunities for railways. Both the important benchmarking opportunities within the railway industry offered by the programme and the active networking that fosters a truly global learning experience make us confident in the value that this programme can deliver to both participants and the sending organisations.

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