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TIN news:        The US Department of Transportation's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has announced $30m worth of state grants through two annual programmes.
The programmes, including Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks (CVISN) and Performance Registration Information Systems Management (PRISM) have been designed to bolster commercial vehicle safety.
Up to $25m will be awarded through CVISN to improve technological capability and promote the deployment of intelligent transportation systems applications for commercial vehicle operations and $5m will be awarded through PRISM to integrate state commercial motor vehicle (CMV) registration and licensing systems nationally.
"Safety is our highest priority and we expect that truck and bus companies, and their drivers, are also focused on safety at all times."
The funds will help the states to modernise their technology infrastructure to collect and spread real-time safety data efficiently to roadside inspectors and law enforcement personnel.
US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said: "Safety is our highest priority and we expect that truck and bus companies, and their drivers, are also focused on safety at all times.
"Providing our state partners with the most effective tools for identifying unsafe trucks, buses, and commercial drivers in real time is an investment that pays dividends in preventing crashes and saving lives."
The FMCSA will monitor the compliance of truck and bus companies and commercial drivers with federal safety regulations by working with state commercial vehicle inspectors and law enforcement personnel.
The violations are entered into a national data system that can be retrieved throughout the country.
Roadside inspectors and law enforcement personnel will be able to improve safety on the nation's highways and roads, with the availability of timely data.
FMCSA acting administrator Scott Darling said: "FMCSA has long embraced the latest technology in pursuit of our mission reducing the number and the severity of crashes involving large trucks and buses.
"With advanced, real-time data tools, roadside inspectors are able to prioritise carriers for detail inspections based upon their past performance, while assisting law enforcement officers conducting on-scene crash investigations."

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