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TIN news:        MPA Singapore has issued Shipping Circular to highlights key enhancements to MPA’s Seafarer Certification System (SCS) which includes on-line application system for the issuance of tanker endorsements, certificates of proficiency, certificates of competency (COC), revalidation of certificates of competency and authentication of certificates issued by the Authority.
These enhancements are part of MPA’s efforts to continuously improve its services to the shipping community. The enhancements include improving services for issuance of certificates in compliance with the requirements of the 2010 Manila amendments to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping of Seafarers, 1978 (STCW -2010).
The enhancements to the SCS take effect from 9 January 2015.
New services/enhancement to existing services
Applications for the following certificates, which currently can only be applied through paper application, have been enhanced to enable shipping community to apply on-line for the following certificates:
    Certificate of proficiency (COP) in survival craft and rescue boats;
    COP as Able Seafarer Deck;
    COP as Able seafarer Engine;
    COP as Electro-technical rating;
    COP for ratings forming part of Navigational watch;
    COP for ratings forming part of Engine-room Watch;
    Type Rating Certificate for High Speed Craft;
    Ships’ Cook Certificate; and
    COC as Electro-Technical Officer.
The on-line application for the following types of certificates, which were available earlier, has been enhanced.
    Deck Officer and Marine Engineer Officer COC for all grades including applications for COC restricted to serve on Singapore ships (for holders of Taiwanese qualifications);
    Tanker Endorsements; and
    Authentication of COC , COP and endorsements issued by MPA
The enhancements include guidance on filling up the e-application form and facility to attach scanned copies of ancillary certificates, photograph of seafarer and additional ancillary courses to comply with the requirements of STCW-2010. Applicants will also be able to check the progress of their applications.
Applications can be made through a MARINET account – in which case charges will be deducted directly from the owner’s appointed manager account with MPA. In case of applicants without MARINET accounts, e-application form can be assessed through MPA’s website and payments can be made by cheque or NETS quoting the application number.
Changes to tanker endrosements 
The tanker endorsements to enable a COC holder or a seafarer to serve on oil, chemical or liquefied gas tanker will be issued at two levels (instead of current practice of 3 levels) as follows:
    Officers at management level and those having immediate responsibility for loading, discharging, care in transit, handling of cargo tank cleaning or other cargo related operations on tankers; and
    Officers and ratings who are assigned specific duties and responsibilities related to cargo or cargo equipment on tanker.
MPA’s tanker endorsements are required for all officers serving on Singapore tankers including those who hold appropriate tanker endorsements issued by their COC issuing authorities. However, ratings who hold appropriate tanker endorsements issued by their national administrations do not require tanker endorsements from MPA.
Change of certificate format 
The format of COC, COP and other certificates’ templates have been revised. A unique certificate number will be allocated to all certificates. Other new features include printed photograph of the holders in COC, electronic image of the signature of the Director of Marine and Embossed MPA stamp on certificates.
Samples of revised certificates templates of COP and COC are attached in Annex A and B respectively.
Validity of certificates issued
Applications for COC or other certificate of proficiency and tanker endorsement which comply with the requirements of STCW-2010, MPA would issue a full-term certificate with a validity for 5 years. Applications which only qualify under the earlier regime of STCW Convention, validity of such certificates will be limited until 31 Dec 2016. After 1 January 2017, all applications should comply with the requirements of STCW-2010.
COC, COP, tanker endorsements, and other certificates issued by MPA prior to 2 Jan 2015 will continue to be valid until its period of expiry stated on the certificate

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