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TIN news:     In accordance with para 2 of MLC Standard 5.1.3 between the second and third anniversary dates intermediate inspection of a vessel is carried out for compliance with MLC, 2006 (Maritime Labour Convention, 2006).
Anniversary date means the day and month of each year, which will correspond to the date of expiry of the Maritime Labour Certificate. Thus, for the ships, which have already undergone inspection, in June 2013 a "window" for intermediate inspection is open from June 2015 and it will be valid for a year, until June 2016.
"Despite the apparent significant annual period for submission of a vessel for inspection we encourage shipowners to schedule it in advance to avoid excessive stress on the recognized organizations and not to postpone that work until the last moment," says Pavel Zemlyanskiy, Head of MLC Department.
For the ships flying the flag of the Russian Federation Russian Maritime Register of Shipping is planning to replace Part I of the Declaration of Maritime Labor Compliance (DMLC) for the recent version in conjunction with the inspection time.

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