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TIN news:       Switzerland's Zurich International Airport faced flight delays and a partial shutdown following a bomb threat.
While close to a dozen flights were delayed by up to 30min as a result of an unspecified threat, no flights were cancelled.
AFP had quoted spokeswoman for the local Zurich police Carmen Surber as saying: "The airport is facing a threat."
However, she declined to specify the nature of the threat.
Two of the airport's check-in areas and an arrivals hall were closed during an inspection.
"Authorities had received an anonymous tip about a bomb."
The police said that the closed-off areas were reopened shortly before 1am (midnight GMT) after it had been determined that no dangerous objects were found in the area.
It was reported by several local media outlets that authorities had received an anonymous tip about a bomb.
AFP further reported that passengers were being redirected to other check-in desks and suffered only minor delays and there was a heavy police presence in the airport premises. The airport has been reopened after a thorough inspection by the police.
Also known as the Zürich Kloten Airport, the airport is the largest international airport of Switzerland and serves Zurich, which is the country's largest city.
It is located 13km north of central Zurich, in the municipalities of Kloten, Rümlang, Oberglatt, Winkel and Opfikon, all of which are within the canton of Zurich.
The airport served close to 24.9 million passengers and 2.6 million movements in 2013 and has one of the largest cargo airports in Europe, with an annual capacity of 700,000t.

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