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TIN news:     New Zealand's Central District Police will equip its booze buses with a new biometric system, which enables police officers to address the problem of drunken driving.
Using the new technology, the police will digitally take fingerprints and photographs of people they intend to charge with an offence.
Comparing the biometric data with existing police records, the technology stores the new information for future reference and is expected to improve the tools officers use to remove drunk drivers off the roads.
The technology was successfully trialled in the Wellington booze bus in June and will be limited for use on drivers who fail a roadside breath test.
All 21 booze buses are expected to be equipped with the new technology by the end of November.
Central District road policing manager inspector Dave White said the biometric system is an invaluable tool towards making our roads safer.
"This new technology has improved the way we use existing legislation."
"This new technology has improved the way we use existing legislation and it will help police protect communities by getting the most high-risk drivers off the roads faster," White said.
"Identifying high-risk drivers and recidivist drink-drivers at the roadside means alleged offenders can be charged appropriately from the outset and less time is spent making follow-up investigations to confirm a driver's identify if false details are provided."
The new booze bus technology is said to be another step forward in making the safer.

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