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TIN news:    Australia's Office of Transport Security has recommended a review of security measures being carried out at airports and also put forward a suggestion of allowing small scissors, tools and metal cutlery on flights.
The government is also in the process of reviewing the expedited screening of low-risk airport passengers to allow a more intense focus on high-risk ones, though it wasn't specified how the authorities will go about identifying high-risk passengers.
As cited in Sydney Morning Herald, Office of Transport Security executive director Sachi Wimmer said that the government was working on introduction of sensible security measures specific to airports that present more or less of a risk rather than the 'one-size-fits-all' approach of the past, despite having lifted the terror alert to high.
"We really need to focus our activities on areas of highest security risk."
"Government budgets are declining or static and we have a growing industry," said Wimmer.
"We really need to focus our activities on areas of highest security risk. Our challenge is ensuring security outcomes are maintained and dealing with the perception they might not be which happens every time we change security settings."
Wimmer was speaking at the Australian Airports Association national conference held at the Gold Coast. She further said that removing these items from the banned list would allow airport security personnel to concentrate on more dangerous items.
It has been estimated that by 2030, close to 260 million travellers would pass through Australian airports.
The recommendation is currently under review by government ministers.

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