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TIN news:      DSG Systems is a specialist provider and system integrator. DSG Systems provide security systems and installations for airports, airlines and other facilities.
Self-service bag drop solutions
One of DSG Systems's major successes is the self-service bag drop solution (SBD). The company has installed more than 100 bag drop units in eight different countries and is one of the leading suppliers of self-service bag drop systems in Europe.
In 2005, DSG Systems developed and installed its first prototype of the SBD solution to Oslo Airport. Since the launch of the SBD solution, the process has been steadily progressing in popularity. The company is the market leader in Scandinavia with installations in all the main airports in the region.
DSG Systems's SBD solution can be installed as either a one or two-step solution. Together with the newest hardware and the latest software, the system is designed with the goal of easy integration and interaction towards both airports and passengers. Check-in statistics and SBD status information are provided in real-time, giving operators an accurate over view of the check-in process.
The two-step solution enables passengers to use the check-in kiosk and receive a baggage tag. Once the tag has been attached to the bag, it can be dropped off at an SBD counter. The two-step solution maximises throughput and minimises the time a passenger spends at the counter.
DSG Systems also offers a one-step solution, which has been adapted from the two-step solution. The system can be customised to match any airport or airline branding principles, since the touchscreen display uses Microsoft Windows 8 software, providing a modern and intuitive user interface.
DSG Systems's new designated self-service bag drop is an innovative new solution that may be fitted with the same one or two-step functionality as its unique retrofit solution. It is designed as a modular system, making it possible to customise the airport design profile.
Features such as touchscreen operation with modern user interface for the passengers, barcode scanning, RFID bag tag reading, boarding pass scanning, passport scanning, NFC access management, intrusion detection, length / height check, scaling, payment solution, receipt printing and bag tag printing are available.
Access control and surveillance systems
CCTV systems supplied by DSG Systems provides highly flexible access to live web-based video, audio and control data to client worldwide.
By delivering high-quality video and information from the most remote and challenging environments, DSG Systems provides the user with spectacular results.
In addition to protecting all the defence bases in Norway, DSG Systems has performed installations of mobile surveillance, including buildings, vehicles, ships and aircraft used by government personnel and police, airports and armed forces.
DSG Systems' CCTV systems provide security and protection of royalty, ministers and other high-profile individuals. The company's CCTV system comprises the latest digital video cameras, computer networks and video software.
The combination of thermal imaging, motion detection and digital image analysis enables DSG CCTV systems to represent a paradigm shift in high-security asset protection.
Detection solutions
DSG Systems is the largest supplier of X-ray machines, passenger screening systems, bottle / fluid analysis and metal detector systems for the aviation security industry in Norway. The products are designed to detect weapons, explosives, drugs and illegal goods.
DSG Systems specifies supplies, installs systems and serve clients throughout the product lifecycle. It also has extensive experience since 1995 in supplying this type of detection products, as well as provides products from Smiths Detection and CEIA.
BRAINS® baggage handling and sorting solutions
In addition to video surveillance and detection systems, DSG systems also supplies control systems for baggage handling and sorting mail. The company has its own project and development team to deliver customised automation solutions.
DSG Systems provides the systems, including the well-known BRAINS© baggage handling solutions, which are subsequently delivered to airports throughout Europe.
The BRAINS system provides the high-level planning, routing and sorting of bags, as well as secure and effective baggage handling. The system allow operators to effectively plan the departure and arrival flights, track the latest status of the baggage, configure the baggage handling system (BHS), monitor the status of high and low-level systems and create reports that simplify taking operational decisions.
About DSG Systems
DSG Systems was established in 2009 to reply to the growing demand for an integrated defense supplier, combining exceptional innovation and market- leading products. This required a highly experienced team of sales and skilled technical specialists, in each business area.
DSG Systems is a subsidiary company of Bertel O Steen, who is one of the most established and respected companies in Norway. Since its founding in 1901, Bertel O Steen has built up a reputation as an importer of various commodities and products. With an emphasis on vehicles, the company has been the main Norwegian importer and distributor of Mercedes Benz cars since 1929.

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