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TIN news:     Nautilus International has published a new version of guidance for seafarers on their entitlement to the UK National Minimum Wage (NMW).The revised advice has been put together to reflect changes in the rules and to support the Union's Fair Ferries campaign against the exploitation of low-cost crews.
The leaflet points out that seafarers working on UK-registered ships who carry out at least some work within UK waters and who normally live in the UK are entitled by law to the NMW.
The rules governing eligibility for those serving on non-UK ships or on UK ships who do not meet the core criteria are less clear - and depend largely on being able to establish a sufficient individual link to the UK.
'Every case is different and relates to individual circumstances, but our guidance aims to provide some background on the factors that can be crucial, and the different ways in which seafarers can claim their rights,' said Nautilus national ferry organiser Micky Smyth.
'This is an important area, as we are concerned that many seafarers are not given the information that they are entitled to,' he added. 'Our advice underpins the campaign to prevent unfair competition in UK waters and to support the principles of decent work.'

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