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TIN news:    The Normac 7000 Ultra-Wide Instrument Landing System (ILS) localiser, said to be world's first such localiser, has successfully completed flight inspection and stability testing at Zurich Airport in Switzerland.
Switzerland's air navigation service provider Skyguide completed the commissioning at the airport to CAT III standards. The 75m-wide localiser has been installed at the airport's main landing.
The final certification of the inspection is expected in the next few weeks.
The localiser has been developed by Indra Navia and will be put into full CAT III (low-visibility) operation in December by Skyguide.
With this localiser, the airport will be able to improve its runway efficiency by about 10% - 20%, which will help in improving the airport's profitability. Its narrow sensitive area allows ILS CAT III holding points and large aircraft movements to be moved closer to the runway in CAT III operations.
"As a result of increased traffic at Zurich Airport, we continuously face pressures to improve runway efficiency."
Skyguide project manager Hervé Demule said: "As a result of increased traffic at Zurich Airport, we continuously face pressures to improve runway efficiency.
"Our strong collaboration with the project team at Indra Navia will help us get maximum usage out of our infrastructure without compromising the safety of passengers. We are excited to see the benefits that result from putting this new 32-Element NORMARC into operational use."
Skyguide's services extend to Switzerland's borders to include places above France, Italy, Austria and Germany. More than 40% of all the flights handled are in this adjacent airspace.
The company currently employs 1400 people with more than 500 civil and military air traffic controllers. More than 300 engineers, technicians and IT-experts are responsible for the development and maintenance of the complex technical installations and facilities.

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