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TIN news:    Iran is planning to hold an exhibition of classic automobiles, bringing antique automobiles from days gone by into the public gaze.
Organized by the Touring and Automobile Club of The Islamic Republic of Iran (TACI), the show is programmed to be held in Tehran’s Sadabad Cultural and Historical Complex.
The exhibition will make the visitors more familiar with automobile industry and the country’s contemporary history.
Some 80 Various classic cars kept at Sadabad Palace Museum as well as a series of old but still dazzling French, American and German automobiles belonging to private collectors are to be put on display in the event.
Some of the selected cars have not been showcased in any exhibitions before, said Head of the TACI's Public Relations Office Shahab Malmir.
Visitors will be able to see rare models Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and MG models, some of which belong to the National Car Museum of Iran.
Iran has held numerous classic car exhibitions so far, showcasing automobiles from the car museum of Niavaran Cultural and Historical Complex, and a number of private collections.
“The Automobile Club and Tourism Center of Iran invites owners of classic cars to participate in this exhibition and offers insurance, means of transportation, protective facilities and special conditions for the cars and their owners.”
The exhibition is scheduled to be held from August 5 through 10, 2014.

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