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TIN news:  Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation announced that Yemeni Port of Aden is ready to receive containers and other cargo traffic, as a result of the stabilization of security and the abolition of all the checkpoints that had been developed after the war.
Aden Container Terminal is the only specialized terminal in Yemen and it has an annual handling capacity of up to one million TEUs. However, in 2015-2016, containers could not reach Yemeni ports because of the conflicts. 
Aden Container Terminal has agreed with the World Food Program to provide special warehouses to store relief items and has the ability to make such arrangements with other relief organizations as required.
The Corporation notes that the existing oil handling facilities in the Port gives it an advantage in handling petroleum products and crude oil, through the Oil Harbour and the Aden International Marine Terminal.
It is also highlighted that the availability of infrastructure, in addition to its neighbouring governorates (warehouses, storage yards or other large facilities) will facilitate the seamless flow of goods to all parts of the Republic. 
“The outstanding ability of Aden Port to receive all types of ships, without exception, makes it the only port that can meet the needs of the state in the next phase, as it has the storage space and operational capacity to accommodate all Yemen’s trade and the relief and construction activities required in the next phase of national development” explained Yemen Gulf of Aden Ports Corporation.

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