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TIN news:  The NTSB has issued investigation report regarding the capsizing and sinking of the towing vessel Ricky J Leboeuf in order to provide proper recommendations on the case.
The incident
About 0752 local time on April 19, 2016, the uninspected towing vessel Ricky J Leboeuf capsized and later sank while attempting to remove a barge from a fleeting area in the San Jacinto River near Channelview, Texas. Four of the five crewmembers survived, but one deckhand died. The vessel sustained an estimated $900,000 in damage, rendering it a constructive total loss. About 10,400 gallons of diesel oil, lubricating oil, and other contaminants were released into the river when the vessel sank.
Investigators found evidence that Kirby Inland Marine was aware of the risk associated with performing a downstreaming maneuver in the prevailing conditions, the company’s SMS policy and requirements that were in place to manage the risk, and caution advisories issued by both the company and VTS Houston/Galveston.
Yet the relief captain decided to attempt the maneuver despite the risks and without consulting the vessel’s captain or the company port captain, as required by company policy
The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probable cause of the capsizing and sinking of the towing vessel Ricky J Leboeuf was the relief captain’s ill-advised decision to perform a downstreaming maneuver in high water conditionswithout implementing the operating company’s risk mitigation strategies or other safeguards.
Further details may be found by reading the report herebelow

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