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TIN news:   Trained professional drivers can reduce risk of accidents by 46% In support of the UN Decade of Actions for Road Safety, a report on “The Impact of Professional Training on Commercial/Freight Drivers in the Arab Region” has been commissioned by International Road Transport Union (IRU) and the Arab Union of Land Transport (AULT). 
The study clearly demonstrates how professional training significantly reduces the number of accidents and road fatalities. The report aims to enable the public and private sectors to establish the appropriate policies to address commercial road transport safety and efficiency.
The study focuses on four main areas:
Economic cost of lack of road safety, highlighting the costs incurred when professional training is not undertaken by commercial drivers.
Impact of professional training, determining whether professional training for commercial transport drivers significantly affects the number of accidents.
Best practices/weaknesses, measuring gains in efficiency and cost effectiveness, in commercial road transport which can have a direct impact on overall transport qualitative criteria.
The value of professional truck drivers training in terms of overall road safety and efficiency gains.

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