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TIN news:    The Scottish Government has backed plans to construct a third runway at Heathrow Airport in London, UKT
The proposed expansion is expected to create up to 16,000 jobs in Scotland, as well as bring several strategic and economic benefits to the country.
Heathrow Airport CEO John Holland-Kaye said: “It would facilitate more airlines flying routes to Scottish airports, meaning more flights, more competition and choice for families and businesses across the nation. 
“That also means more visitors to Scotland, more destinations for Scottish tourists and more opportunity for Scottish businesses to reach new export markets.
“This partnership demonstrates how Heathrow expansion can work for every region and nation of the UK. Now is the time for the UK Government to make the right choice and back Heathrow.”
"This partnership demonstrates how Heathrow expansion can work for every region and nation of the UK."
The airport has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Scottish government regarding the commitments to be offered once the runway expansion is approved by the UK government.
As part of the MoU, around £200m will be spent by Heathrow on construction in Scotland, while around £10m will be invested to support new domestic routes.
Furthermore, both parties are planning to investigate Glasgow Prestwick Airport in Scotland as a potential site for a logistics hub to support the building of the third runway at Heathrow.
Heathrow has also agreed to a reduction of £10 per passenger on landing charges paid by airlines operating services from Heathrow to Scotland from January in 2017.
The airport has agreed to a long-term marketing campaign to promote Scotland, and a procurement event in Glasgow will be established to improve opportunities for Scottish firms to secure business with Tier 1 Heathrow suppliers

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