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TIN news:   New Zealand’s Auckland International Airport was evacuated yesterday after a fire alarm was activated on the first floor of the airport.
Four fire trucks were called out following the incident. However, no fires were reported during the investigation, and firefighters were attempting to find out what caused the alarm.
The incident, which compelled around 200 passengers to leave the airport’s international terminal at around 2pm, led to four flights being delayed, reported Stuff.
"A spokesperson for the airport said that the incident may have been caused by a technical glitch."
Nearly ten minutes after the incident, passengers were allowed to re-enter the terminal and  normal airport operations continued.
A spokesperson for the airport said that the incident may have been caused by a technical glitch.
Located near Mangere, Auckland Airport is the domestic and international hub for Air New Zealand.
The airport also serves as the country's hubs for Virgin Australia and Jetstar Airways.
As of December 2015, the airport handled 16,487,648 passengers, including 9,005,612 international and 7,482,036 domestic travellers.
With a capacity of about 45 flight movements per hour, the Auckland International Airport is one of the two airports in New Zealand capable of handling Boeing 747 and Airbus A380 jets.

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