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TIN news:   In a keynote speech at the Revolve Media launch event for European Mobility Week 2016, IRU outlined the important role that innovation is playing in further reducing the environmental impact of both collective passenger road transport and road freight transport. It was pointed out however that European, national and local regulations often hamper the drive for more sustainable transport.
Remi Lebeda, who is leading IRU’s work on EU bus and coach transport, highlighted that some simple measures could be taken to support European sustainable mobility. In particular he repeated IRU’s call for doubling the use of buses and coaches in Europe, a key element of IRU’s Smart Move campaign. He pointed out the positive benefits that doubling could have by reducing CO2 emissions by 50 million tonnes per year, saving 1500 lives per year by reducing road accidents, cutting congestion and creating several million additional green jobs.
A promotional display on sustainable mobility, including IRU’s work on the subject, can be seen outside the European Parliament during European Mobility week, which runs from 16-22 Septembre.a

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