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In the past few days a photo of new vehicle imports regulations’ draft got published online which made the topic of importing cars with over 2500 cc engine capacity displacement hot again. Since 4 years ago, cars with over 2500 cc engine displacement are defined as luxury cars and are banned to import.

Banning the importing or exporting of some goods or putting high tariffs on products is a logical way to stop the importing or exporting all over the world, but, Iran’s ministry of industry, mine and trade chose the engine capacity as the index to define luxury cars and that is the main problem here.
Globally, Chassis and price are two major indicators for categorizing vesicles also cars with over 70 thousand dollars are counted as luxury vehicles.
The definition of the ministry is wrong because engine displacement is not the proper index for luxury cars.” The expert in the auto industry, Babak Sadraei said to khodrocar reporter.
 "Technology of cars is developing very fast and luxury cars contain more technology rather than high engine capacity. Today, lots of medium sized engine luxury cars are import to Iran, but some over 2500 cc cars with 50 thousand dollars or a lower price tag are banned.” He continued.
 "As the global auto industry point of view is changing and technology is developing, engine displacement is not a proper index to define luxury cars. Price tag can be a good indicator instead.  
Right now, under 30 thousand dollar cars are regular, 30 to 50 thousand dollars are semi luxury and over 50 thousand dollars are luxury. In Iran, 20 thousand dollar cars are a luxury duo to economic problems and customs laws”. He mentioned. "The production rate is not a proper index to define luxury cars either.”

The ministry of industry, mine and trade has to change the definition of luxury cars and support the domestic production next to keeping the competitive atmosphere.


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