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  • Tourism, the industry hit hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic, begins to introduce measures for its recovery, just as it did after the 9/11 attacks in New York City that stopped air travel for several weeks and changed security controls forever, or during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. The truth is that there is no going back to normal. It is a fact that, at first, some changes will be quite drastic, but companies and businesses will have to get used to it until everything starts flowing again and, hopefully, in a better way. Travel after COVID-19 will bring the following changes.

  • STADLER’s IT system was targeted with a cyber-attack last week, the company has announced, with malware used to steal information.

  • As several countries are struggling to buy cheaper oil amid a drastic plunge in demand due to the coronavirus fuelled lockdowns, Pakistan’s attempts to take advantage of the slump in oil prices have failed due to lack of strategic storages in the country.

  • Iran Airports Company registered a total of 9,249 takeoffs and landings during the first month of the current Iranian year (March 20-April 19) to register a 70% decline compared with the similar period of last year.

  • The first Lexus electric car will get the most generous battery warranty coverage of any EV so far when it arrives in Europe by early next year.

  • South Korean shipping line HMM said its new HMM Algeciras departed the Port of Yantian on May 8 bound for Rotterdam with 19,621 TEUs loaded on board.

  • 5G technology is developing within the shipping industry with many ports installing 5G networks for improved operations. In May's Phish and Ships issue, Be Cyber Aware At Sea discusses the challenges of cyber risk arising and the importance of 5G as one of the biggest technological advance.

  • Last year, at Hong Kong Maritime Week, Portcast won the inaugural Captain’s Table, an initiative launched by the Young Professionals in Shipping Network. This award provides a platform for young innovators and entrepreneurs to connect with the industry and showcase their ideas, resulting in a cash prize and business mentorship from LR.

  • The 49646 deadweight tonne (dwt) MR tanker received the first delivery of Bio Fuel Oil during its recent call at the Port of Rotterdam. The fuel, which GoodFuels launched in 2018, reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 83% and substantially reduces SOX emissions.

  • The temporary rental platform has always struggled with the way the hosts decide how and when they clean their houses. Therefore, Airbnb now opted to establish a hygienic protocol and even a certification to secure clean accommodation.