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TIN news:   The West of England P&I Club informs that the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) has published a new Marine Notice concerning the immobilisation or lay-up of vessels within South Africa’s territorial or inland waters including those which stop or anchor for repairs.
The requirements of SAMSA Marine Notice are summarised as follows:
“Owners and Masters of ships navigating around the coast of South Africa, who may require the ship to stop and/or anchor for immobilization, repairs or lay-up within the Territorial Waters or Internal Waters, must apply through a local Shipping Agent to the nearest Principal Officer (PO), or through Cape Town Radio to MRCC (Maritime Rescue Coordinating Centre) at the Centre for Sea-Watch and Response, for the Authority’s permission to do so. Permission may be granted with certain conditions to be adhered to.”
Learn more by reading the notice
SAMSA Notice 2016_02

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